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My friend shared this song and I liked this instantly – You can call me a liar!!

The artist is from Sri Lanka.

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Ignorance of the ability brings disability.

This short film is worth more than a thousand words.

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Isaac Asimov’s writing

I have heard Isaac Asimov’s name in a song from Rajinikanth’s Robo. Robo being a sci-fi entertainer, I took that Asimov must be a scientist. Recently, I downloaded books authored by Isaac Asimov thinking that they will interest me. All the books have the word ‘Foundation’ in their titles. Having no clue of the order in which they were published, I thought that the book named ‘Foundation’ should be the first.

I started to read the book half an hour ago and finished the introduction in which Isaac described the series of events that made the ‘Foundation’ from a story to a series and that the book is a science fiction.  It was quite surprising a fact for me that J.R.R.Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings once lost to Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ in an at-least three connected sci-fi novel category while Asimov was expecting ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I have not started reading the original story.

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Gone are the days

Certain phrases in English amuse me much. Especially the ones that can run our mind through all the good times we had. This particular one cherishes those memories of past reminding of the bitter truth that we can only cherish them.

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Dream come true

Dreams come true. There are certain positive phrases in english language that give us a lot of positive energy. This phrase ‘Dreams come true’ is one such.

The funny part of this particular phrase is that the dream always changes no matter it came true or not. When in school, my dream was to be the best in studies. It came partially true when I was am one of the best in studies.

When in plus one and plus two, the dream was to top the college by the end. This also more or less became true when I walked amongst almost 200 students(half the strength of my residential campus) watching me the day results were declared.

Dreams started to become complicated from then as I entered college. The dream come true would be when I am spending my day with the girl I loved, loving me. Of course at a far off place thinking that my life is the best among all those I have known. This remained a far off DREAM and will continue to do so.

Time changed and so did the dream. I wanted to create a software( a game or a web application or something) from all the ideas I had. I always failed at execution and the dream is yet to come true.

Some dreams, after they come true are always cherished as the most dreamy parts of life where I enjoyed all the fun that my city life could give me. I never knew where I started nor where it ended, but am happy that it ended so fast with the right lessons learned.

However, there was one other dream that came true today – Carving out a post lying on the bed from my new qwerty pad of my android phone. A Dream come true – and may be I would laught at myself calling this a dream a while ago!!

P.S: What I have written might be crap, but I become better day by day. This post paves way to my blog becoming regular and thus famous!!

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Different thoughts

Why would some one write a diary?

1. To keep a record of things.
2. They don’t know what to do at nights.
3. They think that would be published as a book after they’re dead.
4. They want a valuable thing to hide. So, they write all their thoughts in it and try to protect them.
5. They write because they just have to or want to.
6. If no one would write anything, what are diaries made for?

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MY Theme of the year

I, me and myself.

Yes, this is MY theme of the year. I am going to think only about myself. I am doing this partly because I want to do something that I haven’t done in years and partly because I have been thinking more about others so that I’m hurting my original self. It’s time for my self to rejoice. Thinking/Spending more about other’s happiness does hurt your happiness if you do it beyond your capability/feasibility. All this year if I’m going to care about some one, that is gonna be ME.

Thinking more about others means you would never hurt them. This doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt anyone till now. The others I meant here are those I really think about.

One might think that this kind of behaviour is not really useful for the society or the mankind. It was said – ” Love thy neighbors as thyself”. But, here is the basic – If you can’t love yourself, how can you love others as much as yourself? So, Love yourself first.

I have noticed that I cursed myself many times for every odd thing and thought. Good bye

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