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My Greatest Accomplishment of 2010

Depression is anger without enthusiasm


It is last year for me as the clock already hit 12 an hour ago here in India. I would also say it’s an year lost.

The single most important thing that I accomplished this year is realizing what is important in life.

I agree to the fact that a moment of having realized what is important in life does not hold true for long. It is a quest that never ends. However, my accomplishment is that I chose the right direction. Some time ago, in the year before the last, I chose a wrong path, traveled on it for some time. Though I mentioned that I chose a wrong path, it wasn’t tagged wrong at the time I was choosing it. It was tagged ‘enjoyment’.

Exactly an year ago, at this time, I broke two bottles, needless to mention the state I was in. I was very happy then. It felt like it was the best celebrated new year day(I still reckon it is!).

For at least 8 months in the last year, all I cared was my own enjoyment. I neglected my career, my interests and above all, my principles, the pillars that my current position stands on. Do not judge my age just by these words, I am just 23 now. It took me that much of time to understand that it is all waste of money and time. To rephrase it, the understanding was worth that much of money and time. The good part, as it seems, is that I actually understood. But, I didn’t know that the worse was coming.

Firstly, it was hard to move away from all my friends whom I was sticking with for a long time during that phase. Secondly, that phase of my life messed up all my feelings of LOVE, HATRED and HUMANITY. Thirdly, it would be really hard to concentrate while my mind knows it is missing a lot of enjoyment the world can offer. To keep them all in shape, it took me two months of confusion, frustration, failures and a bunch of hair to come out of it.

I am now back to normal(with some entropy) having successfully finishing the worst phase of my life. I now know what is important in LIFE.


P.S: This is in answer to the question “What’s the single most important thing you accomplished this year?” at Plinky.

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