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If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine…

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Probably I will get a little panicked if the time has just started ticking by. But, being a clever human being and that getting this chance is no simple, I would want to do the most profitable thing – change my past!

Every man on this Earth would like to fix something in his past. Because little actions you did earlier affect the time line very dramatically. If I just have one hour time, I will sit down and write on a paper, a few points that I think I could have changed in my life. I wouldn’t write them as my past, but, I will write them as hints and do-not-do-this way. Once finished, I will choose some time during my high-school(around 2003) and hand it over to myself. And the post is never complete with what will be in that paper. Here it goes:

1. Do more mathematics or else you will find some one beating you in a big competition.

2. Read more books or you will find yourself blaming for not doing these things.

3. Do not visit the Internet Cafe. You will find a lot of time to play games later.

4. If you Love some one, tell them in the best way you can. Never ever ask them if they love you before you tell them.

5. On a morning, you will get across a relative on his morning jog. That day, keep track of time and don’t arrive late for your appointment.

6. Start using Linux as soon as possible.

7. Your enjoyment should start only after you get rich, else, you won’t.

8. Do not lose this paper, else…..

I only wish I in the past will follow these guidelines set by me just now.

But, all my attempt will go in vain. I cannot change my fate.

No Man Can.

P.S: This is in response to the question “You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?” at Plinky.

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