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Mind and Boggling

Take a glass of water. Take a spoon of sugar. Put the sugar in the water. Repeat it till sugar no more dissolves and starts to settle down in the water. Now, stir it repeatedly and you see that all the sugar is now dissolved. This is called supersaturation. I’ve learnt this during my childhood. Thought that it would be too sweet to drink that water.

Take some ideas, stir them in your brain. They stick to your brain easily. Repeat the same process until you are satisfied. Now, take some more ideas and stir them(think, think, think) hardly until they stick to your mind. This is also called supersaturation. I’ve learnt this as I started to grow. I then started to think of a solution for it!

What can be a solution for this?

Drain the supersaturated water and pour some fresh water into the glass.

We are what our past made us. Our mind thinks in the way that it is trained to.

Like the water in the glass, the space in our mind gets saturated and that no more ideas are soluble in it. When it is time you think that you are not being as creative as you used to be, just refresh the mind with some new water and you’ll find new ideas just come in and create wonders!

I call this the “Refreshment of Supersaturated Mind”.

If you feel this is true, pass it on. Else, give me your shot!


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