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My Stress Level

Jogging on a bright November morning

Are you stressed out?

No. Not right now.

Some time earlier, the answer would be an ‘Yes’. But, I wouldn’t stop there. I would have yelled at you for asking this and may be hated you. Yes, I would really hate you for asking this question. This particular question creates a conflict between two existing shades(or sides) in me.

One side, which was the most active side in me for the first 22 years of life says that I am super cool and can handle anything. The other side, which had a chance to get heard only in the last two years of my life says that I have been falling under stress and just do not know how to control it. Looking back, I really feel I should have accepted both. I only tried to accept only one of them – that I am cool. Though I believed I am cool all the time, the environment around me felt the exact opposite. I took a while for me to accept the truth – that I was stressed and I didn’t knew how to handle it. I started running.

Yes, I went running on the very next day I accepted that I have been handling stress. My friend said that stress always stays at the joints. I started running and slowly my joints ceased to hold the stress they were handling. If you want to handle stress, I say, run boy! Run!!

P.S. : I know the post took an unexpected turn. But, if you think you are really stressed out, try to go out running for 3 days and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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