My Perfection Seeking Mind

Practice makes man perfect.

I am man who believed that even ‘practice should be perfect’.

I was seeking perfection all the time. It was either I do it or I don’t. And when I’ve meant I am doing it, it shall be perfect. I felt that I was not facing any failure and I was happy about it. I was wrong at the same time. I had never known the taste of failure or simply put – when I faced failure I didn’t knew how to handle it. All that time I thought I was seeking perfection, but when I retrospect, I just tag it as the fear of failure. That is true, I masked ‘the fear of failure’ as seeking perfection.

During that time, I had the choice to decline something that came my way. I said ‘No’ when I was asked if I could go on the stage. I said ‘No’ to my friends when they asked me something. I kept on doing this for a long time. I didn’t think what would happen to me if I didn’t change this habit or if the choice is not going to be with me. Choices are never with us forever.

Slowly, I started to think why I said ‘No’ to that while someone, somewhere said ‘Yes’. I started to think, analyse and mentally prepare myself to say ‘Yes’ the next time I get that opportunity/question. Luckily, I had those questions asked again and again until a few of my friends took it for granted that I will not say ‘No’ to it. That wasn’t all. Gradually, I started to think twice before I say ‘No’ to anything. I’ll say to myself “give it a try”.

I have failed at times and got discouraged. Every time, I thought that I should have faced that failure earlier so that I could have performed better this time! Failure made me better for the next time. Now, I proudly say that I can handle failure and become a better person. With time I stopped calling them failures and started to call them experiences. So, go and taste your piece of experiences that you always decline. Post some of them on your blog.

As a closing note, I wanted to say that all the above took me years to learn, so, do not try to digest it all at once. Take Time!


4 comments on “My Perfection Seeking Mind

  1. Great story, shared it on Facebooks. Are you there? Can we be friends.

  2. Thank you will check it out. I am an old woman with diminishing income, some what of a geek, but having to do most all stuff my self.

  3. […] Here is a post that I can relate with. He shares this same fear with me. I guess disappointments give us this kind of anxiety, but then come to realise that it will actually help us on what we need to do the next time in order for things to work our way. Ah, imperfection is always present, and we just have to make it right. Oh, and sorry, I don’t know what to call the blog’s author 😛 […]

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