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MY Theme of the year

I, me and myself.

Yes, this is MY theme of the year. I am going to think only about myself. I am doing this partly because I want to do something that I haven’t done in years and partly because I have been thinking more about others so that I’m hurting my original self. It’s time for my self to rejoice. Thinking/Spending more about other’s happiness does hurt your happiness if you do it beyond your capability/feasibility. All this year if I’m going to care about some one, that is gonna be ME.

Thinking more about others means you would never hurt them. This doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt anyone till now. The others I meant here are those I really think about.

One might think that this kind of behaviour is not really useful for the society or the mankind. It was said – ” Love thy neighbors as thyself”. But, here is the basic – If you can’t love yourself, how can you love others as much as yourself? So, Love yourself first.

I have noticed that I cursed myself many times for every odd thing and thought. Good bye


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