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Isaac Asimov’s writing

I have heard Isaac Asimov’s name in a song from Rajinikanth’s Robo. Robo being a sci-fi entertainer, I took that Asimov must be a scientist. Recently, I downloaded books authored by Isaac Asimov thinking that they will interest me. All the books have the word ‘Foundation’ in their titles. Having no clue of the order in which they were published, I thought that the book named ‘Foundation’ should be the first.

I started to read the book half an hour ago and finished the introduction in which Isaac described the series of events that made the ‘Foundation’ from a story to a series and that the book is a science fiction.  It was quite surprising a fact for me that J.R.R.Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings once lost to Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ in an at-least three connected sci-fi novel category while Asimov was expecting ‘Lord of the Rings’.

I have not started reading the original story.


One comment on “Isaac Asimov’s writing

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