Ignorance of the ability brings disability. This short film is worth more than a thousand words. Advertisements

Isaac Asimov’s writing

I have heard Isaac Asimov’s name in a song from Rajinikanth’s Robo. Robo being a sci-fi entertainer, I took that Asimov must be a scientist. Recently, I downloaded books authored by Isaac Asimov thinking that they will interest me. All the books have the word ‘Foundation’ in their titles. Having no clue of the order […]

Gone are the days

Certain phrases in English amuse me much. Especially the ones that can run our mind through all the good times we had. This particular one cherishes those memories of past reminding of the bitter truth that we can only cherish them.

Mind and Boggling

Take a glass of water. Take a spoon of sugar. Put the sugar in the water. Repeat it till sugar no more dissolves and starts to settle down in the water. Now, stir it repeatedly and you see that all the sugar is now dissolved. This is called supersaturation. I’ve learnt this during my childhood. […]

What I Want to be Remembered For

Go on creating The ones who are now remembered are being remembered not because they wanted to be remembered. All they did was be what they were and do what they liked! So, I ever be remembered, I would like myself to be remembered for what I am and what I love to do – […]