Isaac Asimov’s writing

I have heard Isaac Asimov’s name in a song from Rajinikanth’s Robo. Robo being a sci-fi entertainer, I took that Asimov must be a scientist. Recently, I downloaded books authored by Isaac Asimov thinking that they will interest me. All the books have the word ‘Foundation’ in their titles. Having no clue of the order […]

My Perfection Seeking Mind

Practice makes man perfect. I am man who believed that even ‘practice should be perfect’. I was seeking perfection all the time. It was either I do it or I don’t. And when I’ve meant I am doing it, it shall be perfect. I felt that I was not facing any failure and I was […]

A Hole and Whole

I finished my bachelors two years ago.  In my department, it is a custom to bid farewell to every batch that is going to be kicked out of the campus. On this day, our juniors arrange the farewell and organise speeches that thank us for the help we did and wish us good luck for […]

Skipped three times

Its just been only 8 days after this blog is born with the purpose of DAILY POST and I have skipped 3 days in a row(4 actually considering my last post which could fit in 2 tweets). There’s already some buzz on daily post asking not to quit this. I regret for what I did, […]

Mind and Boggling

Take a glass of water. Take a spoon of sugar. Put the sugar in the water. Repeat it till sugar no more dissolves and starts to settle down in the water. Now, stir it repeatedly and you see that all the sugar is now dissolved. This is called supersaturation. I’ve learnt this during my childhood. […]