Gone are the days

Certain phrases in English amuse me much. Especially the ones that can run our mind through all the good times we had. This particular one cherishes those memories of past reminding of the bitter truth that we can only cherish them. Advertisements

Dream come true

Dreams come true. There are certain positive phrases in english language that give us a lot of positive energy. This phrase ‘Dreams come true’ is one such. The funny part of this particular phrase is that the dream always changes no matter it came true or not. When in school, my dream was to be […]

MY Theme of the year

I, me and myself. Yes, this is MY theme of the year. I am going to think only about myself. I am doing this partly because I want to do something that I haven’t done in years and partly because I have been thinking more about others so that I’m hurting my original self. It’s […]

My Perfection Seeking Mind

Practice makes man perfect. I am man who believed that even ‘practice should be perfect’. I was seeking perfection all the time. It was either I do it or I don’t. And when I’ve meant I am doing it, it shall be perfect. I felt that I was not facing any failure and I was […]

A Hole and Whole

I finished my bachelors two years ago.  In my department, it is a custom to bid farewell to every batch that is going to be kicked out of the campus. On this day, our juniors arrange the farewell and organise speeches that thank us for the help we did and wish us good luck for […]

My Stress Level

Jogging on a bright November morning Are you stressed out? No. Not right now. Some time earlier, the answer would be an ‘Yes’. But, I wouldn’t stop there. I would have yelled at you for asking this and may be hated you. Yes, I would really hate you for asking this question. This particular question […]

If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine…

Free vintage handwritten letter texture for layers Probably I will get a little panicked if the time has just started ticking by. But, being a clever human being and that getting this chance is no simple, I would want to do the most profitable thing – change my past! Every man on this Earth would […]